Step-By-Step Process Overview

STEP 1: Submit your reservation request via 25Live

  • Add a detailed description of your event in the “event description” section of the event form.
  • Please fill out the required risk assessment questions in the “custom attributes” section of the request form.

STEP 2:  An Event & Conference Services (ECS) representative will contact you

  • If the information submitted bears further evaluation your request will automatically be escalated to a risk assessment evaluation and you will be notified via email.

STEP 3:  Risk Assessment Committee

  • If escalated, you will be contacted by the risk assessment committee to address any details of your event that may require risk mitigation.

STEP 4: The Risk Assessment Committee meets when needed to evaluate requests.

  • Reviewed requests will receive a designation:
    • Denied — Does not meet current criteria for justification; would be too difficult to meet standards for health and safety; can effectively be done virtually
    • Neutral — Requesting additional information
    • Approved — Event can proceed for scheduling and advising (possibly with comments/notes)
  • Note: Risk assessment considerations may delay the event planning and approval process. We ask that you submit requests as early as possible, and events submitted with less than 14 days notice may not be approved.