Policies and Procedures

Tabling, Sales, and Solicitation

Individuals and organizations wishing to sell or solicit on campus are required to reserve space by contacting Event & Conference Services at 410-455-3615. We have several locations that are designated in high foot-traffic areas of campus. These spaces are located inside The Commons or outdoors adjacent to The Commons. These requests are subject to space availability and may include associated fees. Tables can be requested at least 24 hours in advance by completing the Tabling Request Form.

UMBC Sales and Solicitation Policy

Alcoholic Beverages at Events

Student-based events are not authorized to provide alcoholic beverages. Alcohol service must be facilitated through an approved caterer, with a plan for ID verification and access control.  Departmental and external users wishing to provide alcohol at their event can contact Event & Conference Services for a complete overview of rules, processes, and procedures. More information can be found on the UMBC Policies Website. Events serving alcohol must occur in an approved space and be approved by Event & Conference Services.

UMBC Policy on Alcoholic Beverages at University Events

Grills/Open Flames

Events using outdoor grills must occur in an authorized, reservable location and be approved by Event & Conference Services. Grills must remain at least 25 feet from any buildings. For a complete list of caterers or the guidelines, rules, and procedures that accompany grilling at your events, please contact the Events Team at 410-455-3615.

UMBC Facilities Use Policy


Roadway, parking, way-finding, and advertisements/solicitations are permitted in designated locations around campus and space may be limited. All outdoor way-finding signage should be approved by the Facilities Management Sign Shop.  For more information related to sales, solicitation, and the posting of advertisements, please contact the Events Team at 410-455-3615.

Sign posting