For Student Organizations

Student groups are encouraged to reach out to Event & Conference Services for information on the event planning process, 25live access, or space reservations. Email us at

myUMBC Student Organization Schedulers Group – This group provides information and updates to the designated schedulers for student groups.

Basecamp – The large-scale student event process is managed through basecamp. If you have requested a large event in 25live please check basecamp for updates.

SGA, Student Government Association

Funding/ Finance Board – Student events requiring funding must request through SGA’s finance board funding approval process.

Student Organization Financial Post-Event Form

Entertainment – Performer Contract Information

Check out our FAQ page for answers to common questions

Event Planning Timeline

This timeline outlines the student event planning process, and is a general reference for keeping your event planning process on track:


  • Submit your event request in 25live

After you receive a response for your event submission

  • Schedule a meeting with the Coordinator for Student Organization Event Advising (The Commons 335)

60+ days before event

30+ days before event

  • Have funding confirmed through SGA Finance Board for events between $1000-$3000
  • Make sure all entertainment contracts are submitted to Event & Conference Services
  • Make sure all catering paperwork is submitted to Student Affairs Business Services Center
  • Have appropriate board members sign off on the event and details via the “Signature Form”
  • Attend your planned SAFE meeting with all service providers (Police, commonvision, SABSC, Events, etc.)
  • Meet with commonvision if you have a marketing package

2+ weeks before the event

  • Funding for your event must be confirmed through SGA Finance Board or Carryover accounts
  • Upload a complimentary wristband list to basecamp to ensure that your executive board members, special guests, and performers will get in for free and will be admitted even if capacity for the event is reached
  • Submit vendor forms for any outside vendors

1+ weeks before the event

  • Upload a final show agenda/timeline for the event (upload a preliminary agenda/timeline as soon as you have it)
  • Cash box request forms are due if you are collecting any money for any reason

Food (Under Review for Updates — 08/16/2021)

A quick reference guide to food policies at student events:

Can I have food/drink at my scheduled event?

Will it be catered?

Yes – Great! Caterers can serve food with proper paperwork. Please email to get the catering process going on your event!


  • Is it for current members of your organization only?
    • Yes – Serve your food! Baltimore County food code allows for organizations to provide various food for their members (i.e. potlucks, ordering pizza, etc.)
  • No, it is open to people outside our organization
    • Does the food need to be kept hot or cold? (i.e anything cooked in a kitchen, most dairy products, etc.)
      • Yes
        • Baltimore County food code requires food cooked in a kitchen or with temperature requirements to be catered.
        • Caterers can serve food with proper paperwork. Please email to get the catering process going on your event!
      • No
        • Are you selling food?
          • No – Go ahead and serve your snacks, drinks, etc. to your guests!
        • Yes
          • Is the food pre-packaged, or sold by any vendor in The Commons (including the Yum Shoppe)?
            • No – Advertise for your event and sell from a reserved location!
            • Yes – Unfortunately, pre-packaged food is not for resale and contracts with vendors prevent selling of competing products so you can only give away these items.
              • EXCEPTION: Please note that baked goods are not currently authorized due to food safety and public health concerns.